Consumer Law

When creditors and debt collectors are after you, figuring out a course of action can be difficult. At Aguero Law, we have experience dealing with every aspect of the debt collection process and Colorado’s consumer protection laws.

We can advise you on all of your legal options including fighting debt collection lawsuits, debt settlement and bankruptcy. Consumer law is our passion and during our free one-hour consultation, we will give you honest advice and guidance and will never pressure you to take action before you are ready.

If you owe money, don’t wait until creditors are filing lawsuits and garnishing your paychecks or bank accounts! By seeking advice early in the process, you can take control of the situation and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars.

If you have already been sued then it is very important to contact an attorney before the date your Answer is due. Contact us today to schedule a consult with an experienced Colorado consumer lawyer. You will meet with an attorney with expertise in defending debt collection lawsuits as well as bankruptcy and debt settlement. If none of these options are right for you, we will discuss personalized solutions based on your specific case.