Paying your bankruptcy attorney can be a difficult and frustrating process.  Many, if not most, bankruptcy attorneys require that their attorney fees be paid in full prior to filing your bankruptcy case.  The reason for this is that the bankruptcy attorney’s fees are discharged once the bankruptcy is filed, just like your other debts.  Most bankruptcy attorneys are not willing to risk their fees going unpaid.  However, for those in sever financial distress, paying a significant amount of fees prior to filing bankruptcy is simply not an option.

At Aguero Law, PC, we offer a number of payment options based on your financial situation. For our clients who need to file bankruptcy immediately but can’t afford to pay our fees up front, we offer payment plans over a number of months.  This allows our clients to obtain the immediate protection that comes with filing bankruptcy (see our article on the automatic bankruptcy stay) while still obtaining quality representation in their bankruptcy case.  For instance, if your wages are being garnished, you likely cannot afford to pay the upfront costs associated with filing bankruptcy.  Once your bankruptcy case is filed, all garnishments must be stopped thereby freeing up money to pay your attorney fees.

If you need to file bankruptcy on an emergency basis or are not able to pay the upfront fees required by most attorneys, contact Aguero Law today to discuss our bankruptcy payment plans.