Just because you know you have financial problems does not mean you know the solution.  Waiting to explore your debt solutions options can be a big mistake and can cost you thousands of dollars.  Whether the ultimate solution is debt settlement, bankruptcy or something else, knowing the direction you are heading will allow you to protect assets and put yourself in the best position moving forward.

If you believe that debt settlement is a viable option, you must be careful to work with someone who has your best interest in mind.  Large debt settlement companies rarely, if ever, produce the promised results and many times they leave their clients in a worse position than they found them.  It is important to have someone who will analyze your specific situation and give you honest advice.  The reality is debt settlement is not always possible.  Before you throw good money after bad, get an honest opinion on whether debt settlement is an option for you.

Bankruptcy is sometimes the only solution.  If you find yourself in this this position, the earlier you begin to plan for your bankruptcy filing, the better.  Bankruptcy planning will allow you to protect assets and save money.  People who find themselves in desperate situations often suffer unnecessary consequences including collection efforts against family members and lost tax refunds.  If you are struggling to pay bills, see an attorney sooner than later.  Finding out your options will cost nothing and could save you thousands.