Testimonials from clients of Aguero Law, P.C. and Matthew Aguero:  

Mr. Aguero is very bright, very innovative, thinks outside of the box and gets the work done. More than that, he is exceptionally polite and conveys his intelligence in a solid, respectful manner. He helped me to resolve an issue that was longstanding, due mostly because of international variables. He quickly resolved my issue and brought about a debt resolution that was fair.

I found his intelligence and adaptability and more importantly his advice that he suggested reflected his knowledge of various international and internet solutions. This, now, more than ever, is an important element as more people are living part time or full time, outside of the U.S. and legal services need to be made available for the international client. Often, older, more fixed types seem to be unaware or at a loss how to service clientele that doesn’t fit the standard.

Completely trustworthy, kind and knowledgeable, I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Aguero and would use his services again, certainly, if need be.
— Sherryl
Matt helped me throughout a fairly lengthy process to settle a debt - in which case I ended up getting sued but the creditor withdrew the suit with prejudice (I didn’t end up having to pay them anything)!

He always put my best interests first, was very professional and responsive, and his billing was fair and client-focused.

I would definitely recommend Matt Aguero!
— Eric
I was being sued for something I did not do. Matt advised me of all my legal options and recommended the best course of action for me. With Matt’s help, I was able to defend myself and the case was dismissed.
— Brian
When you go into a bankruptcy scenario, you hope to find someone who can help you with the technicalities of it. I certainly did not expect to find a person who had the gift of empathy and kindness - beyond his extreme knowledge. From the get go, I felt protected. His calm and secure demeanor and his understanding disposition replaced my fear and shame with reassurance that everything would be ok. Adding to this, Matt is a person who brings practicality to a moment where it seems every detail presents a risk. He understood the situation, made a high level assessment and presented my options (with the security of a fixed cost attached to each) within the first consultation. One thing that really impressed me was his creativity to think out of the box and suggest a path I would have never thought about within my state of stress. I did not think lawyers like this existed, but he had my interests above everything. He looked for the most cost efficient and emotionally stress free resolution for my problems. His timely and prompt responses were very welcome. I do not know how he does it, but I certainly felt as if I was his priority at all times. Now I use Matt for all my legal needs. As a small business owner, I always have questions on a personal and professional level and it is refreshing to have excellent legal counsel that is affordable and professional! Thank you Matt.
— Monica
After finishing college, I found myself with over $30,000 in credit card debt and facing what seemed to be a lifetime of making minimum payments on multiple cards just to keep my accounts current. Matt’s experience and knowledge about debt settlement allowed me to consider a solution that I didn’t even know was available. I am now very happy to be credit card debt free, and I have Matt’s discretion, professionalism and negotiation skills to thank for it. I would highly recommend Matt’s services for debt settlement and legal counseling with regard to financial issues and options.
— Emily
Matt’s professionalism and compassion helped our family through a very difficult time. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal help.
— Anonymous