Personal Injury


Aguero Law is a Denver, Colorado Personal Injury firm.  We represents those who have been injured due to the negligence of others.  As a former defense attorney for some of the country’s largest corporations and insurance companies, our attorney has the knowledge and experience that allows us to level the playing field by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your case.  At Aguero Law, we strive to understand the needs of each client and give each case the attention it deserves.  Unlike litigation mills who promise big results and then stick your case on the backburner, we will keep you case moving.  We know that your case is one of your top priorities, it will be one of our top priorities as well. We serve client in Denver and throughout Colorado.  Our southeast Denver office offers free parking and is perfectly located for those in Glendale, Cherry Creek and the Denver Metro area.  For clients outside of the Denver area, we offer free phone consults.  

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Copyright Infringement/BitTorrent Defense 


BitTorrent defense is the area of law focusing on the defense of individuals who have been accused of copyright infringement for allegedly illegal downloads.  These lawsuits are filed by copyright holders commonly referred to as "copyright trolls".  These copyright trolls file lawsuits against anonymous "John Does" and then use the legal process to obtain the identities of the John Does through their IP Addresses. In these lawsuits, the copyright trolls allege copyright infringement for the download of movies, software or books.  Many times there is no merit to these claims and the lawsuits are nothing more than attempted extortion by the copyright trolls.  If you have received a letter or a lawsuit accusing you of copyright infringement, contact us to discuss your legal options. 

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